Here are links to articles and the RT show that gives detail on the multibillion oil and gas operation Israel and U.S. have planned to put in through Northern Gaza - this conflict of interest will be important to getting past their lawyers claim of having immunity from prosecution


The media and lawyer who filed a crime against humanity should integrate this information about Israel and US clearing the land for their multi billion dollars Gas and Oil line and something called Ben Gurion canal.

Also, where is the information about this to send help to the people we normally have after these catastrophes. Israel and Christian Zionists suppressing that information in American media is proof of Israel’s and US intelligence agencies undue influence on the media narrative - a violation of U.S. Federal Communication Commission Fairness

Doctrine laws that say that the media belongs to the people not the corporation or state or military government or a foreign agent like the Mossad/ CIA covert operation - which we know are behind these oppressions like the dirty wars which were run by actual Nazi war criminals put into power to run these death camps like Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Reinhard Gehlen, Eikmann. Martin Bormann (who Christopher Creighton, Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, helped escape from Nuremberg Tribunal sentence for his WW II war on peace in exchange for Nazi gold.)

They should look into Genie Oil as well since I know Rupert Murdoch and other billionaires are on the board of Genie which has been known as being in violation of international law for a while.

Israel’s Brutal Rampage: Shock at Latest Gaza Massacre, Nations Cut Ties


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Thank you for providing this information.

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