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Fascinating info about the “going native” history. I had seen a reference to this in another text a few years ago and had wanted more on it. Thanks.

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These Pilgrims it seems have been brought to a New World by what sounds like a Modern business model which is only interested in pillaging the resources of what might exist there . Once landed there, the Pilgrims instead of seeing the beauty of the unscarred land and the opportunity to begin a new life n peace and accord with nature..as the indigenous inhabitants do. Resort to turning their little bit of paradise into Little Europe, complete with all the hierarchy, pecking order, greed, jealousy and every other sin that they carried aboard their Ark from England.

Just the fact that they built a Fort to protect themselves from people who needed no forts, no courts, no jails or sheriff's to live in harmony with one another.. Tells me who were the bad actors here. And it's always been these same types of people who feel justified in taking from others what is no theirs ... because they felt no remorse in doing so.

PTSD only occurs in those who have a conscious. That is one of the main differences between the have and have nots.

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John, I must say, the monumental effort that you have put into your thoughts and ideas is truly remarkable.

To than formulate them into a clear and concise articulate manner is again such a great achievement.

I'm 72 years old and have always been a seeker of Truths and I find it perplexing that I have never heard of the Egalitarian movement?

I'm presently reading thru your two books No Rich and No Poor and Divide and Rule. The ideals that Egalitarianism present are humanely so much more satisfying (I could almost use the word Heavenly) than our present (and I'll use the word) Hellish system of Democratic/Capitalism.

The closest societies that resemble your movement is what I read about the Native Americans- - who Prided themselves on how much they gave away to others.... And the Amish who take better care of one another.

Both societies have been villanized by capitalism as being Savage snd Backward , in that order .

My question to you John is ? These

Have's and or Hammers or as I refer to them as Devil's have certainly been around for Eon's . Their most striking characteristics are : They love to be served, but will never serve. They know you want to hear the Truth- so they tell you so many lies, you won't know what the Truth is. They know you think there must be some good in them, but their is not. They can't Love but they crave it. Therefore they use Fear to command your Respect. And I'll wrap that up with paraphrasing what Benjamin Franklin said about them.... They are driven to all High Places as that is where Power and Money exists.

What I'm describing is Pure Evil people!

Every Indian tribe that I read about felt that they were not even human- based on the way they acted.

Personally, I hated them from the day I saw Nixon's dark suits trample over and kick women and boys in my sophomore year in HS in his election campaign that came through our town.

I'm just wondering why you never describe them as Evil? I understand Robert E Lee always referred to the Union army leaders as 'those people' to

hold down in his soul any contentious

feelings that might surface as hatred...

or sins. As these Bastards today make me indulge in so much hatred and sin against them.

But I am just wondering, so if you could please indulge me on this.

And plainly it seems to me what is lacking to speed us up to resolve this horrible dilemma that we find ourselves in....is to Unify ourselves with all of us Birds of a feather, that tend to Fly Together. Come Together

God Speed to Us All

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words!

Regarding "evil," I do now and then refer to what our rulers do as evil. Please see this by doing a search for the word "evil" in the text search box on my website at https://www.pdrboston.org/ . I called Dr. Fauci evil. On a related note, there's a photo of me on the homepage of my website (down on the right hand side) holding a sign on the sidewalk in my neighborhood that says: "It is a sin to build luxury housing when high rents are driving working class people out of the neighborhood."

I agree with you that there are societies such as the Amish and American Indians who have rejected the evil values and ways of our rulers. There is nothing in human nature that requires us to have oppression.

What do you think of my proposal that I describe at https://open.substack.com/pub/johnspritzler/p/revolutionary-movement-building-101?r=1iggn&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web ?

Thank you again for your kind words. Let's stay in touch!

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Beautiful article about the history that we were never taught. I read a story that intimated that some colonists fled the British Isles to protect their children from the Catholic clergy and nobles, who would abduct them for their Satanic rituals.

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Debt slavery is not the definition of "free market capitalism." The version of capitalism sold to us, is very different. It's welfare for the already extremely wealthy, enforced by the government who takes our money and hands it over to the wealthiest corporations, while enforcing laws that prevent any of us competing in the free market.

I hardly see how stripping all of us of ALL of our rights to property, our labor, etc., (and handing it all over to a communist government who promises to distribute it equally) is going to solve anything. It never has before, and it's been tried many times.

The nice thing about America, is that you are free to join a communist/collective organization if you wish. You can surrender all of your property, and all control over your labor to a central body that will promise to distribute it equally. Good luck with that.

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Who advocated "stripping all of us of ALL of our rights to property, our labor, etc., (and handing it all over to a communist government who promises to distribute it equally)"? Certainly not I. I advocate genuine democracy, as i discuss athttps://www.pdrboston.org/genuine-democracy-what-is-it .

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I rather like the idea that there are some rights NOBODY can "vote" away from us.

Pure democracy is merely two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for diner. Mob rule has never appealed to me.

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I like that idea too. I wrote about this at https://www.pdrboston.org/separation-of-church-state-bogus-id .

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Good work.

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Thank you. :)

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It is the enforcement of the collective ideal that caused vaccine mandates, for the "common good." No thanks.

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I'm not sure what your reference to the "common good" is all about. My article never uses that phrase. Please elaborate.

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Communism is based upon the premise of the "collective." I might have confused some of your comments with someone else's. If so, my apologies.

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